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Smart Classrooms

We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards. These allow students to interact with the lesson content while allowing teachers to integrate a range of resources with their lessons. The classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical faculties.


Keeping in tune with modern times, GFGS ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge for the all-round development of the students. For this purpose, the school has laboratories in numerous disciplines, which provide hands on experience to its pupils. The student-friendly atmosphere in these laboratories helps to enrich the overall personality of the students through motivation and reinforcement.


Our library is well stocked with a wide collection of books on a variety of subject’s periodicals. Children are encouraged to use the reference books to prepare their projects. The school library fosters the development of life-long learning abilities and love for reading in the students. It also provides teachers with instructional material and professional resources.

Counselor’s Room

Observation Sessions, Psychological Assessments and Special Classes are held for children identified with academic or emotional concerns. Openness, receptivity, mutual and constant monitoring in sharing, facilitate the smooth and natural development of our young learners.

The special educator deals with students having learning disabilities (LD), by counselling and remedial teaching that helps them overcome such difficulties. Inclusive education can help cope with learning disabilities and thanks to our counsellor, early diagnoses helps many students overcome the problem.

Medical Room

Multiple Purpose Hall

The Multi-Purpose Hall or the main school auditorium is a large, covered auditorium that has a seating capacity of about 500. This hall is used to conduct assemblies, debates, quizzes, declamations, concerts, plays, guest lectures, movie screenings, workshops as well as indoor badminton and roller skating tournaments.

Performing Art Room

Schooling at Greenfingers Global School goes further than the classrooms into the wider artistic world outside. Apart from a keen focus on academics, various creative activities are taught that connect the mental and academic faculties of our students. Music and Dance, both Indian and Western are offered to our students. Students gain valuable knowledge through this process of creative learning and also become deeply sensitive to our rich traditions and heritage.

Toy Room

Toy room, in the Pre-Primary section is an activity oriented area where students of Pre-Primary are provided with toys, puzzles, story-books, alphabets and number games etc. in order to make them learn in a play way method. Students enjoy and look forward to go to toy room every day.