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We Believe


Greenfingers Global School envisions inculcating education at its global best. The idea is to create citizens of tomorrow who can identify with global ideas and thinking. Education is partial without introducing premium on value education and so we work upon the young minds and inspire them with the ethics of love, integrity, peace, upright actions, service to the society and self-discipline.


1. To prepare students to interact with the globalised economy and border-less society of tomorrow.
2. To make children intrinsically eco-sensitive and humane global citizens.
3. To inculcate the spirit of scientific enquiry among the students.
4. To shape future generations through education by imparting eternal Indian values of integrity, discipline and honesty.


Greenfingers Global School will emphasize on creating global citizens through a focus on inculcating in the minds of children, the concept of science and technology, to create and maintain a green and peaceful environment in the world. The GFGS infrastructure and focus will be to engage the children with scientific theories, experiments and implements such as labs, books and installations that will invoke a sense of interest and wonder about the world of science and technology.