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Prior to 1960, Malshiras Taluka in Southern Maharashtra was a poor, barren small village. But this was slated for change by a common man with an uncommon attitude and an unrelenting will to better things for his village and fellow villagers. What followed was a miraculous cooperative movement, developmental work, and a heartening social improvement that turned this village into a green belt and paradise plenty. The Sahakar Maharshi or the Father of the Cooperative Movement Late Shri Shankarrao Mohite-Patil, through his social dynamism wielded the cooperative movement like a magic wand and led forward with Economic Projects, Agriculture, Education, Industrialisation, Irrigation etc. Through his active participation he has been able to set up more than 100 educational institutions including a residential school in Maharashtra. Greenfingers Global School is a tribute to this great person in carrying forward the legacy of promoting education.

In line with our philosophy to nurture enlightened citizens through educational institutions, we are adding a new chapter into the saga of serving humanity through education. Vijaysinh Shakarrao Mohite-Patil’s socio-political learning began at home at a young age of 15 years. From being elected the Village Sarpanch or Chief to becoming the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra; heading forward the cooperative movement in his village to ensuring all round growth of his state, this hero of the masses has seen it all. With his foresight he was able to extend his father’s legacy by holding countless political positions along with many posts in cooperative and other important industries. The best thing about this leader is that he leads by example. Greenfingers Global School is a new educational initiative that will strive to equip children with a better future.