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School Rules & Regulations

1. All students must attend the school prayer at 8.30 am everyday and actively participate in it.

2. The students must be regular in their attendance and homework.

3. All students must be respectful to the teachers at all time and must be obedient.

4. Corporal punishment is prohibited as a rule in the school.

5. Improperly dressed children are likely to be punished for sloppy turnout.

6. The parents/guardians are to visit the school on the appointed dates. In case of emergencies they can see the Principal with prior appointment. Under no circumstances are the parents to enter the classrooms or meet the class teachers without prior permission of the principal.

7. The parents conduct towards the staff is expected to be gentle, humanly and courteous. Any misbehaviour by a parent/guardian will be viewed seriously and may result in the dismissal of the student.

8. Complaints, if any, against any member of the staff should be made in writing to the Principal who will take appropriate action in the matter.

9. The behaviour of the students towards their school mates should be upright and proper. Any unruly or mischievous conduct may result in severe disciplinary action.

10. Parents not to engage any member of the school staff as tutor without the permisson of Principal in writing.